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Outfit Post // Joker on the run...

"People are only what they think of themselves."

- Ai Yazawa

//lips - Limecrime / pullover - Glad News / tights - Asos / necklace - Me & Zena / shoes - Primark / accessories - mixed //

We haven't seen each others in a while right? Thank you for still keeping me company!
I had a nice Weekend because I met Sui, Steffi & Rui! I always love this kind of meets which are very funny, comfy and of course I get my matcha doses here.

I hope you all noticed my newly colored hair! Yes it is actually green again without any blue! And it is indeed still long on one side but short on the other. I decided to go for that sidecut and I am personally happy with it.

I tried red lipstick again and I am pretty sure I look a lot like a female version of batmans joker... Especially when I am wide grinning... I will try other colors!

I hope you liked my little update and comment, follow and have fun!

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