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5 things // Wishlist Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Wishlist Wednesday! This is my new category for all things pretty and all things I want to buy when I find the big pot filled with gold at the end of a rainbow. If you like something be free to purchase it. I decided to post 5 things every Wishlist Wednesday.

So here it goes! 

// 1 //
Jawbreaker Kleid DRA 2400
I really like the simple shape and the pattern. It looks classy and still: Skulls!

// 2 //
The Me & Zena Should I necklace
This is so cute and practical at the same time. I also love such simple designs with a twist. 

// 3 //
Restyle "Rock Skull" bag
I love the shape of the bag! This vintage look is so awesome. And of course it has skulls and studs! *ö*

"ROCK SKULL" gothic cameo bag metal frame, anatomical handbag

// 4 //
Rose Circular Barbell
I am so happy that I finally got my septum piercing and I keep looking for new jewelry. This is so simple, but also a cute design.


// 5 //
GEO Aster Xtra grey
They are grey and big. I need new ones and I like grey lenses. 

What is on your Wishlist at the moment? I really am curious what you people are longing for!


written by Ina Doll

New Layout // Gray & Green

...and it is 2015! Hell yes, we survived another year! And I worked on stuff and I am pretty happy to be back. I hope this time I stay active and get the hang of it!

And as you might have noticed here we are with a new design. It was time and I wanted a little more elegant and simple design and tried to change it. My colors grey and green stay the same, because my hair recently is now grey to green ombre. I am happy I was brave enough to try it and a change felt very welcome.

I also was brave enough and, thanks to my bro Brandon and my lovely Swan Princess Sui, I got my septum pierced! Happy little me! It didn't hurt at all! If you are interested I will make a informational entry about that piercing. Just drop me a comment.

I hope 2015 will be better than 2014! It started not that great for me, but we will wait and see. First thing I am very excited about is the 4th international Gyaru Meet up.

I hope you all had a great start in the new year and are happy with new projects!


written by Ina Doll

11 answers that turned out rather personally...

When I got up and I realize I got a sweet message from Anna BLOG (go there and read her answers) and she told me she nominated me for the "Liebster Award" :3 Thank you Anna for actually tagging me! I had a lot of fun answering and I just noticed that I really got some personal things here. It happened while writing. Hope it is still interesting for you! 

She asked me 11 questions and here are the answers, let's get started!

What is your favorite thing in the whole world?

As I would not talk about people or living beings as "things" I think this means material things?
I love my Mac and iPhone. Yes, I need Internet and stuff like that. I do my favorite things on my Mac and on my phone. It connects me, I work with it, I live with it. Sounds lame, it is not I tell you.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I think I might go for Damon from Vampire Diaries. 
Ian Sommerhalder. 

Thank you giving me the opportunity for posting that! (all gifs found here)

Than there are some more like Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) from The Walking Dead

May be a little Campino (Lead singer of the band "Die Toten Hosen")

Stefan Weidner ("Der W") Singer

James Marsters (actor and singer) of course has to be included...

and here you got Zombie Boy!

And there is someone that I will not include, will probably never read this, so we share a secret here, he?

As you can notice and I hope you all do, I really like people with a kind of expression. I really often like singers which are honest with the lyrics and are able to express them through their face and body language. They all have their stories. Nothing is worse than boring and fake people, right?

What's the one clothing item you couldn't do without?

I love oversized pullovers. They are comfy and look quite interesting even with a pair of simple socks.
Of course we all need underwear etc. please.


If you could only wear one make-up item, what would it be?

This is hard. I have half eyebrows and need to draw them on my face, but eyebrows could grow back. So I go for my personal foundation mixture! :3 Yay for Kat von D Tattoo cover foundation as it is my base!!! 

What do you suck at?

Ah... a lot. I wish I would be better in many things, but training is supposed to make you master things right? 
I am impatient, so I am often not good at getting that string through the eye of a needle.
And sometimes it's the time management. I do have great ideas and they often need a lot time to do and I begin often only hours before deadline. But I always finish in time.

If you had a tote animal, what would it be?

hm, I love wolves. I always loved them. They are strong, pretty, they are confident, reliable and can sing! I also love rats, because they are intelligent, small, survive illnesses and many bad situations. They might be hated by half of the human population, but are deadly loved by the once around them.

What is your biggest dream?

Isn't it everybodys dream to live a life without worries?
(Could get a little boring, he?)

What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?

Really hard to answer for me. I don't eat a lot of sweets or "guilty" things. 
I do like Frozen Matcha Latte and I could drink always and a lot of it.
I do have a intrest in buying things that I find interesting looking and with a out of the box design. That goes for nearly everything: Packages, Shoes, Books, etc.... (if it is a great Design you need it!!!)
Listening to music way to loud and staying up way tooooooooo late...

What would be your dream outfit?

I love wearing punk clothes, I love the feeling of boots and spikes all over. I really like my looks lately and I am very happy how my hair and clothes match. I would wish I had a little more confidence to wear revealing clothes, but that might change later. I also love tattoos, but I never got one and that would be the perfect addiction as I love art.

megan massacre (source)

What do you think is your most redeeming quality?

I am not sure. 
I am very logic and I try to analyze things before doing something that I could regret later. I am able to give others a good advice and often understand situations. (When they happen to others not to me :D Then I am totally lost. Thanks for that brain. Can't follow my own advices.)
 Because of that I am honest (honestly don't understand where is the point in lying?). You will get my honest opinion on things all out in your face, if you ask me for it. Some people really like it, but most people can't handle my way of dealing and expressing my opinions (Not that romantic most of the time, huh...).

Have you ever had regrets about something you did?

Having false friends, bad relationships and dumb doctors...
For most parts I am proud to say that I am someone who thinks about consequences and long term outcome. I am regretting that I listened to the advice from people who I thought were authorities, but later I realized they just wanted to drag me into their way of living.

Please always stay to your own ideals and moral. Don't let others push you into any direction. Look at the alternatives and decide for your own!

Let's start with 11 random facts:

1. My first name is really Ina and everyone thinks it is called Gina. (No please, it's not!)

2. My last name is translated to "nail" and some even say it means a "coffin nail".

3. No one can spell my last name right or even can get the right pronunciation when they first meet me. 

4. I might sound like I am joking all the time, but there is a little honesty hidden behind everything.

5. I have a sidecut now and my hair is always real without extensions. (not for all my lolita fashion shoots of course)

6. I always have long nails. I just can't have them extremely short.

7. I love urban legends, horror stories, creepy stuff. (believe me I have the most useless knowledge in my head from years and years of being on the internet)

8. See point 7, I will likely be watching a documentation, show or anything similar on the creepiest, dumbest things like super natural documentaries, documentaries on murders, documentaries about torture weapons, etc. while I am working.

9. I sleep the best while playing music like punk, rock etc. or when someone is playing console games right next to me. Honestly never know where this came from... 
I also love just watching while others play. (Okay must be a interesting game, mostly AC, Batman, BioShock, Horror related, etc.) I myself own games that are either Horror related or interesting creepy in any way or the character/atmosphere design is awesome. (Ku on, Fatal Frame/Project Zero, Bayonetta, Alice madness returns, Gregory horror show, Soul Calibur, Devil May cry, etc.)

10. I wanted to cosplay Tira from Soul Calibur a long time ago, but was always to afraid to look way to ... big and hello she has her extreme boobs... I was 14 or 15? I still love her weapon and the different harley costumes for her character later. Same goes also for Jessica Alba in Sin City! I even had a bet with a friend but never did it actually... 

11. A lot of the most important persons in my life right now I have met over the internets.

And who is going to enter and answer eleven questions by me?
Belive in Style , Sui Princess , Sami Spoon , Sutewi (but she was tagged before), Vanilla Syndrome, My Muses by Calliope, going to tag them all on my instagram picture and really anyone who wants to answer! I am happy to read everyones answers, so please link them in the comments below (I will add them to this post)! That would be awesome!

My 11 Questions are:
Your last weird dream? / The most favorite item you carry around? / The most embarrassing story that ever happened to you? / The thing you love? / Tea or coffee? / Your obsession? / The Song that represents you - your mind - your feeling at the moment? / Your last picture on your phone and the story behind? / Last tumblr reblog? / Last instagram picture? / A quote you love?

I hope you liked reading through! See you in the next entry! I should have posted Halloween by now, but I am late as always! 

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