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Japantag 2015

Here is my Twin Outfit for the Japantag 2015. I loved the idea to wear matching Glavil Outfits with Steffi. Gladly we both own the matching Glavil items and Steffi lend me her green skirt to make the twinning perfect! As the brand name "Glavil" means "GLAmorous deVIL", our outfits were on point in my opinion!

// dress - glavil by tutuha / belt - glavil by tutuha / shoes - chocomoo x y.r.u / accessories - kreepsville666, Me&Zena, kinkerlitzchen //
**** check kinkerlitzchen!!! ****

We had a awesome day and it was so much fun. On the other hand I was happy when the day was over. People assumed we all are wearing costumes and took pictures all the time, even if we asked them not to do so. Very rude. A few people on the street saw me and steffi and yelled: "That looks cool, Monster high!?". It was funny indeed, because we have not noticed that we were indeed matching the character design.

Interested to see these pictures in action? Sui did reopen her YouTube Channel and vlogged the day!
Other people (check out!) Sui, Steffi, Riina, Kate, Rui, Kami, Joey!!!

Please leave a comment and follow Sui and Steffi! :)


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Dokomi 2015

Hello again. This time I want to share my Dokomi Outfits with you! I was both days at the Dunkelsüß booth working and selling the most beautiful products by japanese labels! I always feel so happy to have Lorina Liddell stuff at our booth! 

Recently I decided to clean my wardrobe and to wear more individual and special Outfits.

Dokomi Day 1 - Punk Lolita

Dokomi Day 1 - Lorina Liddell Fashion Show Outfit

Dokomi Day 2 - Vampire Requiem Twin Outfit with Steffi!

I am so happy to got the plush big gloomy. It is so fluffy!!! And of course the little vampire rabbit! Please be nice to my "no make up face"... After looking at it for two days, I had to buy the Tokimeki skull necklace. It glows! The green is actually not my hair reflecting, the necklace has a glow itself!  I got the little ghost from a lovely reader of mine! She also made me two little ducks! *ö* I could cry because it is so cute and I am so happy! I still search for a nice silver necklace to secure the cute ghost! I will link you to her instagram: Yuiichaaan! Give her a like and follow! :)
That was my little Outfit share for you! I included the little pictures and I hope you like the way I included those. 
Until soon! I am doing my best to update! ;)


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4th international Gyaru lovers Meet up

Are you ready to see the awesomeness of all the Gyaru style lovers?
As every year we visited the "international Gyaru Lovers meet up" organized by Kitai and Kyo! And it was a lot of fun and I can't tell you all how much I miss those people when I returned home.

We started the journey on Friday and Sutewi drove us to frankfurt. The "weird colored hair club" was reunited. We had a little room at a hostel directly at the tram station. Much better than last year! We all met at the central station and it was so cold!!!! I had to wait inside a shop to keep warm! I had a lot of respect for everyone waiting in the cold. Once we were complete we drove to the meet up venue by tram.

Traveling in Style? :D 
Arrival at the hostel after 2 1/2 hours...
Our room was small, but we had 2 bathrooms with mirrors and one additional next to the beds. Perfect!
Sui scared the crap out of us with her Pyjamas...
Hunting for midnight snacks at the hotel bar! :D We are so stylish right? I was a little sad I forgot my kigurumi!
Yes I was so happy for that capri-sun! Wtf is going on? Posing done right :P
My outfit was very cold... and black of course. Some day I will actually wear a bright colored outfit and everyone will be shocked as hell!

picture from Miku! She is the cutest!

picture made by David Kaiser! Look at all those awesome Gals!
At the venue.

I was very happy to see the ParaPara dancers! I secretly want to learn it my self, but I am always way to afraid to look like a dork doing it! Everybody did a great job in dancing!

I even won at the raffle!!! I got a eyelash case, which is so awesome because I kept putting my eyelashes in the plastic diamond lash packages and that did not work out at all.
Of course the Selfie Game was strong... I am sad I didn't took a lot of pictures. I was so tiered at some point. Being with a huge group of people makes me feel anxious...
but I was voted as the best rock gyaru, I couldn't believe it! I was so overwhelmed and didn't know what to say at all! But a big THANK YOU to everyone! It made me very happy!!!

with awesome Lizzie! I stole her picture! Check her entry! // with Jojo! So cute!!!

with my lovely Vanessa! *ö* She is so pretty!

And after the venue everybody went to sing Karaoke! I am such a horrible singer, but it was such a fun time! I am sorry for singing so badly! I am glad everyone was singing so you couldn't hear! :D

And after that long day it was time to change Outfits and hair! I decided to go for a goshikku look for clubbing and wore my tutuha babydoll with a corset and overkness. I am glad sutewi lend me a skirt to wear it underneath. We had a lot of fun dancing hip hop battles on the dance floor!

I really miss everyone! As always I should have taken more pictures... It is so sad that we all meet only once a year, but I am also very happy to see everybody again! I can't wait for next time!

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