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// Event Report //
Lorina Liddell Fashion Show AnimagiC 2014

Hello! This year I was able to visit the AnimagiC one day only.

For the first time Dunkelsüß had a whole fashion show with the newest fashion from brands! I was part of the fashionshow organization for this year again and I am so happy that every model looked so cute! More pictures from the show and the outfits will be posted soon! I am so excited for all the original clothing and I look forward to every coming convention. The clothes were send from Japan from the shop Lorina Lidell

If you are interested in the newest updates and pictures:

Visit their ( facebook // Twitter // instagram // tumblr)

Lorina Lidell offers various brands including:
(enjoy the cuteness, beauty and free universal that enable to put away age, gender, and nationality.),
(former Black peace now, Introducing gothic elements into the high fashion), 
(the cutest collars ever), 
(very elegant), 
(oddly cute & cute/kawaii/lolita clothing & accessories),
(thought and care are put into the piece dying to bring out a special flavor that is impressive and elegant),
(influenced Gothic design, Lolita, mode, up to formal are widely exhibited),
(Very elegant & cute chiffon dresses with ruffles and everything a Lolita likes),
(Doll like dresses that are worth a princess),
(gorgeous hats made with love),
(the bag you are waiting for, oddly magical brand for the lover of Kawaii or Cute stuff even when becoming an adult),
(super realistic sweet accessories and miscellaneous goods with sweets motifs and small birds we might have dreamed as children)
and many more!!!

I love everything that is sold at the Dunkelsüß booth and I am so happy that due to Sandras hard work Dunkelsüß is able to offer that beautiful clothes directly from Japan! So proud!!!!

Some of the pretty clothes, I want to own everything! Pleeeease! Everything available at Lorina Lidell!

The necklaces and pretty rings from Lorina Lidell (shop them here)

So here we are with a little bit of the lovely stuff I want to own EVERYTHING! More pictures can be found at the official Facebook from Dunkelsüß! Follow for all recent updates!

Outfit Preview

I was wearing a Kodona Outfit and tried posing like a sweet guy, which ended up looking derpy... T-T For the fashion show I changed into a lovely pays de fees dress with a R in my head collar! It looks really cute and it matched my hat! I will post the Outfits soon.

Are you looking forward to the next conventions? What is your favorite convention?


written by Ina Doll

// Crappy Event Report // Tea Party in Rothenburg

On a weekend Svenja and me visited Rothenburg. Rothenburg is a lovely town that seems to be stuck in a different time zone.
We drove 6 1/2 to reach Rothenburg because of some bad traffic situations... The weekend was special because a Lolita Tea Party was planned in a lovely place in Rothenburg.

The theme was "rococo fairytale" and I wanted to do my best to fit the rococo, but also include a fairytale in my outfit. I chose to wear my beloved Baby the stars shine bright Pocket Embroidery JSK and the goal was to fit as much hair on my head as possible!

My fairytale is called "the golden key" and I will explain my Outfit and the inspiration for it in my Outfit Post, this will be coming as soon as I get the pictures made by awesome B1NH. I used a hat I made myself and customized my shoes with little keys and tried at the same time to look a lot like rococo ladies would. I don't know if I achieved such a look.

Outfit Preview

I have a first picture of my outfit which was taken when I explained the inspirations behind my coordination. I hope to receive the pictures from B1NH soon. We had a awesome set in this building and the pictures looked really good on the camera display. So look forward to the Outfit Post.

(picture by Me.Fotografie // Freitagsgasse 1 // 98617 Meiningen // www.MeFotografie.com)

(picture by Me.Fotografie // Freitagsgasse 1 // 98617 Meiningen // www.MeFotografie.com)

Everyone at the tea party, it was a whole bunch of Lolitas being fabulous. Can you spot me?
(picture by Me.Fotografie // Freitagsgasse 1 // 98617 Meiningen // www.MeFotografie.com)
I am sad that I forgot vlogging again... -.- 
Later that evening we went to look for a nice place to drink a cocktail and found a bar called "fright club". It was in a cellar, so we had to take several steps and I was so happy to realize that it was indeed a Horror themed bar!!! I was so happy and excited and we had so much fun! And look who we met inside!!! Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

Nevertheless the town is really cute and beautiful and at the same time really spooky by night! My favorite type of town! I snapped some pictures in a hurry. At first the thing you will see in nearly every shop. These things are called "Schneeballen" (snowballs)

Our hotel was called "eisenhut" and it was really beautiful as the building was really old and looked so crooked inside. Many small floors and everything was nicely decorated.

The rooms itself were big enough and were decorated with antique furniture. Behind the curtain was a small balcony. Really comfy and so pretty!

The whole town looks so cute, but is always overcrowded with tourists. And those people are really annoying. Especially when you wear lolita or look a little different they will even touch you to make you stop to take your picture. I was really annoyed...
At last we found this little hair shop called "grüner Salon" (green salon) and we laughed so much...
And here we go, back to our homes. 4 1/2 hours drive back... But we returned safe!
I know I am a little late with posting. But now I have a little time to relax. :)


written by Ina Doll

// Today's Outfit Post // Out to meet

"I am glad I met you and I am glad to say that."

- Ai Yazawa

// pullover - Ghost of Harlem / bag - Iron Fist / choker - Claires (gift from my Bro Brandon) / shoes - Primark / accessories - mixed //

I had a very awesome day weeks ago with Sui, Rui and Steffi. We had an awesome day and we experienced some supernatural happenings! 

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Thank you so much!
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