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// Lolita Blog Carnival // My first item

Todays post is about my very first Lolita item. I get a bit emotional when I think about it. When I started Lolita there was only Gothic Lolita known in Germany. The Gothic Lolita style was the first to conquer our community. I was still going to school and we all had no chance to get a lot from overseas, because most brands did not ship overseas and we were to young to have own accounts.
Actually I am ging to show you my first ever brand piece, because the outfits I wore before were not photographed...
I know that I searched everywhere for Lolita inspired clothing. One day I came across eBay and I really had luck and found a Atelier Boz Onepiece. I was so nervous and didn't had a eBay account back then, so I had to ask the bigger sister of a friend to bid for me to get it. It was so exciting and I wanted it so bad. And I got it...
I will share one of the first pictures with the dress, back when I was younger and forgive my pose. Yes this is how I looked back then. I might got better at coordinating and make up.

And the newer version. I still love the dress. It is so simple and the design is awesome.
And one picture recently worn. It is so old school, but I love that it still has a lot of life!

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// Today's Make Up Post // Red Lips in Focus

The last time I am excited to try more with my lips. I am guilty of forgetting them often when I do my make up. I also forget to use simple lip gloss... So I want to change that! I made some pictures and tried red lipstick. The funny side is that I own several red tones, but I am always afraid to use them. i have to learn how to do a better lip shape also.
I am using the "P2 Mirror Mirror on the wall" Lipstick in "120 - Red Obsession". The color is so pretty. The Lipstick was part of a limited edition, but P2 often comes up with gorgeous lipsticks in red tones.

I left the rest of my make up rather simple to go with the red color. I hope you like my little spot on the red lipstick and I might show you more of my collection if you are interested! Just drop me a comment! Thank you!


written by Ina Doll

// Today's Outfit Post // From Lolita to Punk

This weekend I met with lovely Sui, Ronja, Steffi and Laura.
We decided to meet up in Düsseldorf and spend our time shopping and eating of course! I dressed in a Lolita inspired Punk Coord. My petticoat is nearly dead. So I need to buy a new one soon! Lolita Fashion Problems... Later I changed because I still have a bad pain in my stomach and I was not able to wear the petticoat on my stomach the whole time. So I changed from Punk Lolita to simple Punk!

dress - Ac Dc Rag // blouse - eBay // socks - Primark // shoes - Demonia // belt - Bodyline // hair band - eBay // bag - Dunkelsüß

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